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Promotional Tables
We stock a wide variety of light weight promotional tables for exhibit, store display, sampling and other applications. Light weight, quick setup and a variety of different applications.


Describe Lightweight Promotional Table White finish, Magnetic faces, Top and Bottom Unit, Padded Bag.
Top Unit:         77cm (30.31"w x 28cm (11.02"h)
Bottom Unit:    164cm (64.57"h) x 85cm (33.46"w)
Lower Unit:      84.2cm (32.44"w) x 85cm (33.46"h)
Lower Side:     40.8cm (16.06"d) x 85cm (33.46"h)
Color: White
Stocked in Standard Size in
  • White (DW-PT1-WHITE)
  • Black (DW-PT1-BLACK) 

Describe Lightweight Promotional Table Magnetic Faces. Aluminum and MDF Construction.
Graphic Size is 196CM (77.16"w) x 95CM (37.40"h)
Rounded Front
Top Colors: White, Grey, Tan, Black
Stocked in Standard Size with Brown Top (DW-P-TA)
Describe Lightweight Promotional Table Velco with Black Table Top. Aluminun Plastic and MDF construction.
Graphic Size is 177cm (69.68"w) x 100cm (39.37"h)
Top Colors: Black
Stocked in Standard Size with Black Top (DW-S_PU_T)