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We are a stocking distributor for Absolute Furniture
From our warehouse facility in Anna, Texas. We are currently inventoring 4 lines of the Absolute Furniture products, all are stock for distributor purchases in the surrounding markets.


The recent addition of our Birmingham/Yorkville Series to the AFI line-up rounds out our collection in style by offering a truly traditional look at a price that is unmatched in the industry.

Featuring our beautiful four-way matched veneer finish, solid wood moldings and solid wood trim, Birmingham is in a class by itself.

Constructed from solid hardwood and wood veneer, this series is perfect for home office or executive suite, and will make your customer the envy of their peers.


Available in Bourbon Cherry.


The elegant transitional styling of our Devon series works with any décor – whether it’s classic or contemporary.

Clean lines and our unique “floating top” design make this collection stand out.


The addition of walnut banding, ebony inlay and crown molding on the hutch top puts the finishing touches on this beautifully accented and affordable grouping.


Available in Deep Mahogany.








The beauty of our York Series lies in its straight lines, contemporary look and unsurpassed flexibility.

Freestanding shells and reversible returns allow this collection to grow and move with your customer at a moments notice.


Available in 2 beautiful veneer finishes --

Light Cherry and Dark Mahogany 


The myriad of choices offered by York makes it one of our best sellers year after year.